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Doxology: from the Greek δόξα [doxa] “glory” + -λογία [-logia] “saying”

In our modern day, why one is asked what they do, the typical response is their job or what they occupy themselves with from 9 to 5. However, there is more. Much more. Scriptures reveal to us a much richer and glorious purpose for our lives. We are created to give praise and glory to the King of King and Lord of Lords. We get the unique privilege of joining to chorus of angels and saints from all history and all time in the ultimate worship extravaganza. We get to be with and sing praises Our Creator, Our Redeemer, Our Savior, and Our King. In heaven, we’ll do that for all eternity.

In a word, we are created to be doxologists.

The beauty of the symphonic doxology of humanity is that we all praise God in magnificently unique ways. At the League of Everyday Doxologist, we wish to highlight the multitude of ways people combined their vocation and their doxology.

For example, did you know that J.S. Bach had a deep devotion and desire to serve God through his music? In fact, Bach famously appended the initials SDG at the end of each of his Cantatas scores – which was short Soli Deo Gloria, to the Glory of God alone. Or did you know that Johannes Kepler attributes God as the “the divine voice that calls humans to learn astronomy.” In fact, he said, ““God who is the most admirable in his works, may deign to grant us the grace to bring to light and illuminate the profundity of his wisdom in the visible (and accordingly intelligible) creation of this world.” Did you know that Isaac Newton was a devoutly religious man who wrote as many theological dissertations as works of science? Many of the historical figures that is the basis of our work today lived their lives as vocational doxologists!

Look through our gallery of many vocational doxologists that have walked before us. Learn from them and see how they integrated their faith and their calling. More importantly, learn about the God they so adored. Finally, think about how you too can grow as vocational doxologist and be part of our League of Everyday Doxologists.

PHOTO CREDIT: zoethustra on flickr

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