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William Blackstone: Conforming to the Law of God

Sir William Blackstone was born into privilege in 1723 to a wealthy apothecary. But after the death of his father and mother, at the age of 12 years old things began to change drastically for the young William. The once privileged child of well to do parents had now became an orphan and in these times being an orphan meant living with little and wanting for much.

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Blaise Pascal: Finding God in Revealing Fundamental Truths of Life

Without doubt, Blaise Pascal is one of the giants in Western thought. He revolutionized mathematics by developing probability theory, wrote one of the first masterpieces of French prose, made important contributions to the science of hydrostatics, and authored one of the most influential theological works in Christian philosophy. The name Pascal is given to the unit of measurement for pressure, the arithmetic triangle, a programming language, as well as an apologetic argument. Even more, Pascal is the inventor of the first calculator and the first public transportation system. Being such a world-changing genius with so many accomplishments in his life, what did Pascal see as most important in life? In two words, “God himself.”